Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Many of you Fire Mountain Fans already know a feline being has been added to our sanctuary at Fire Mountain - - the name, Kalidas, a fitting handle for this sleek, agile, sensitive, playful, deep jet black handsome cat creature. Kalidas is both affectionate and independent. He plays happily and stalks the kitchen for rodents like a pro. He is appropriately intense and severe and will also climb into you lap and up your chest and rub the side of his head against your chin mixing his energies with yours in an unusual and endearing way.
Now we have a new canine entry into the family by the name of Bhiwandi, after the Goddess Bhiwandi, who we went to visit on our recent trip to Tuljapur. Bhiwandi is cute as can be. We picked her out of the litter because she seems to reside in deep peace and emptiness. We are hoping to learn from her. White with light coffee patches of color, a shortee tail, and a little tank body, she is a survivor just by her looks and attitude alone. Fearlessly innocent, she launches into experiences without a thought of safety or consequences and is determined to chew the world to bits. Protect your telephone and computer cables ladies and gentlemen - - they are fair game and will quickly succumb to Bhiwandi’s merciless attacks. Toes and fingers are in danger as well, and watch your step as unwanted gifts lay about for the unwary. She’s cute and can get away with anything because of it. Bhiwandi and Kalidas are working out a friendship at this time and have graduated from hesitant approaches and timid swipes at each other to some actual playful animal run, jump, attack, retreat, tease tactics and the promise is one of a good friendship to come. Kalidas, a very capable warrior could make quick work of Bhiwandi if he so chose and we are delighted with his kindly restraint. More to come on these encounters. The frogs and snakes and crabs seen in abundance at the start of Monsoon have receded and have taken their places in the background. The crows, birds, egrets, and big white cranes are still around in force.

However,there are rumours of further additions to the Fire Mountain Zoo population, so stay tuned for recent developments in this area.

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