Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fire Mountain Retreat Center...A Sacred Destination

Mark Griffin, founder of Fire Mountain Retreat Center, tells us why the center is a sacred destination.
This place where we are sitting is Siddha Loka; this is the abode of the Guru here on earth. It is ruled by the collective spiritual power that we call the Guru Lineage. The recitation of the Guru Gita in this place is profound beyond belief.

This has been a center of spir
itual activity for 500 centuries, even during the previous age. In fact, it went through a heyday in this earlier age. When Bhagavan Nityananda came her in 1937, he reactivated it and brought it to its highest operation. I think it's higher now than it has ever been. This is one of the centers of the world. One of the strongest operating guru lineages on the planet is based here. That's why we care about this place. That's why we come here. That's why we built Fire Mountain Retreat Center here.
....Mark Griffin

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  1. Great info... Mandagni... is realy fire mountain... and the river Tansa... is literally full of brightness...
    Good job bro
    Nomo Nityananday !!