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When we visited Akkalkot 4 weeks ago on our 4 day yagna to spiritual power spots, we knew this place was special, and now that we have been here for awhile it is very clear why. Please read on. Well Is it the amazingly effective ayurvedic cleansing and rejuvenation therapy that we are experiencing? – Or is it the daily rice-herb, herb- oil, or herbal wrap massage? Certainly a part of it is the lovely “doing seva for God” people who work here.

But undoubtedly the most powerful aspect of our fortuitous visit to Shivpuri just outside of Akkalkot is the power of Swami Samartha (people say he was Nityananda’s Guru,

the presence of Lord Parashuram (he spent his younger years living in and on and near Mount Mandagni),

and Shree Gajanan Maharaj who was instructed by Lord Parashuram to restore the Vedas and bring Angnihotra (healing the planet by offering oblations to the fire) to the world. These players have all passed beyond body form, and are very present here, especially at the Samadhi mandir and statue sites on the premises.

There are a lot of colourful stories on the internet about Lord Parashuram - - how he lived on Mount Mandagni, so close to our Fire Mountain retreat center, and how he escorted Goddess Vajeshwari to the location which is now the town of Vajeshwari. Then a bunch more stories of his travelling around india and being involved in many historical God happenings. His statues and pictures portray him as kind of the Arnold Schwarzenager of the God world ( oh I’ll add a picture so you can see). We are excited to visit the temple to Parashuram on the other side of Mandagni when we return to Nimboli and dig deeper into our connections with him around Nimboli. The presence and power of those mentioned so far is very palpable here, and we are enjoying being roasted in the Fire.

At Shivpuri , the ashram built by Shree Gajanan, “offering mantra and ghee-rice and other things to the fire” happens every day at Sunrise and Sunset. It is a simple and powerful ceremony, basically affirming a total surrender to God. This ashram is devoted to sending out agnihotra kits to people around the world and carrying on the work of Shree Gajanan and his Predecesors.

Wonderful soul Mohini (which means attracting) is demonstrating the Agnihotra technique to Jeanetta.

As a part of the Ashram there are multiple Samadhi mandir sites, temples, yagna sites, and the ayurvedic health clinic where we are effectively getting rejuvenated.
The kitchen staff is headed by these two gorgeous women who live in the ashram with their husbands.

So, we are half way through our 16 day Kaya Kalpa treatment program, kaya kalpa takes one beyond panachkarma cleansing and into rejuvenation, and we are very happy with the results. If we don’t actually look like “19 again” when we leave, we will probably feel like it. We experience new herbal magic every day, and the staff treats us exceedingly well. We would like to send someone here from Ganeshpuri to learn massage and the basics of ayurdevic treatment for our benefit and the benefit of visitors like you. This place is definitely not 5 star on the physical level but its up there on the spiritual level for sure. And having warm cows milk with magic herbs swathed across your forehead for an hour puts one into a whole new relationship with cows. They have their own cows here, and use the cow dung and ghee in the yagna ceremonies. It’s all very pure and non-western.
We like the results and plan to return yearly for a Kaya Kalpa Tune-up.

There’s a lot more to tell about the key players in the Asharama here, so blog-by for the next instalment. Will they achieve miraculous rejuvenation and health? 8 days left of magic will tell the tale. Your India adventurers Jeanetta (formerly Jeanette) and Dewa (formerly Dahvee) - - Names are changed not to protect the innocent, but to make correct pronunciation possible for Indian tongues.

Dewa spent his birthday here at Shivpuri and the staff presented him with a birthday cake and a special lunch. They even decorated the table with curly ques of chalk.

Our evening dinner server was a entertaining singer/dancer and taught us the Shiva-Parvati moves.

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