Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hey, I was raised western. In western culture, we are educated into our heads (Shiva – mental functions) and out of our bodies (Shakti – earth based, solid, time, embodied beings ). Not totally of course, but it has taken, for me, and i am assuming most westerners, a total immersion in a land and spirit based culture to appreciate the power, the immediacy, and the beauty of God-Dess worshiping in and as earth.
In India there is a daily presentation of people living in God-Dess (GD), praying to GD, supplicating benefits from GD, by means of bringing offerings of food, fruits, flowers, incense, milk, honey, and all manner of positive and delicious things to honor and invite GD’s favour and to give appreciation and recognition of GD’s value. Get this: in the west, we have become so abstracted and distanced from the flesh and blood and bones of God, that when viewing the sacred rites of Earthy GD worship, we can have thoughts of disdain with labelling like tribal or primitive, or unenlightened. But after immersion in and receiving the benefits of earthy density physical GD relating, it becomes clear that westerners (me) are missing out on a whole large spectrum of GD. For example ----
I sat in the Shiva Temple this morning, just there in the corner to the left after descending the few damp marble stairs that lead through the narrow opening to the small domed vault with the Shiva Lingam popping up out of the floor, all decked out with flowers and the customary copper drip pot of water anointing the lingam a drop at a time, a cobra head arched over the pot guarding and blessing the water. Blip blop blnk the drops hit and slide down this sacred projection of Shiva arising out of the ground after bravely, courageously diving into the depths of density to bring his seeds of knowledge and all-possibility to Shakti who, holding the power of manifestation and embodiment, not possessed by Shiva, delights in fleshing all possibilities into form. Shakti also enfleshes Shiva, who then arises as this physically birthed wisdom being (the lingam) now able on the earth level to kick ass take names and spread benefit to all. The lingam is wet and has the energetic coating of thousands and thousands of finger and forehead touches from devotees drawing the power and beneficence of their Lord Father- True Self. Each lingam has the authority of having been touched by countless thousands of people devoted to God in this form expressed by their foreheads touching the stone, their fingers pressed against the sides, some delicately just touching the top of the lingam, others bring flower garlands, they pour milk generously over the curved top, add honey for sweetness, it is kissed by babies help over the projection, etc etc. The old lady tending the Temple sweetly hands me a mat to sit on after i gesture in question, ok to sit here? I sit and open this consciousness and am delighted to be filled with a strong, pervasive, very full masculine power, relaxed like a lion is, knowing it’s strength is the greatest in the jungle. It’s a surprise, as it required no thought or invocation, just an opening to the presence held in the rock and water and flowers and incense of the place. Shiva as spirited matter - - how peaceful his power - - how secure if feel in his blessing
The feeling is so beneficial, that even though my mind wants to be fed with movement, any distraction, and a new set of stimuli to chew on , i remain seated, not wanting to leave this state of embodied powerful love. I shall remember and keep this presence alive in me and bless all i meet with this calmness born of all pervading power and wisdom.
I watch from the vantage point of non-attachment at the successive groups of people who enter to be with their God. I was told by a past teacher that god shows up however we imagine him to be. Give GD an image or a location and without delay she=he is there, because she=he is in here to start with.
Living in India puts me into direct contact with God-in-Flesh – everywhere the statues and temples and posters and clothing shows not only superficially, but contains to the core the presence and essence of GD.
Given an either-or choice of God in abstract rational enlightened thought and design vs God in form as statue and flowers and carving and body speaking mantra and fire ceremonies, and Brahmins chanting in concert, i would be put into a tilt position of stumbling to make a decision. Fortunately, it seems, i have “and” instead of just “or” available, and can have/be both. I will this afternoon enjoy placing a number of rocks on top of each other and calling it god and receiving the blessing of rock god, i shall place a mango before me and name it divine mother and eat this wondrous gift which feeds my body and soul. I shall have both east and west and the gratitude that is due such gifting. All shall be my GD

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