Tuesday, March 23, 2010

31 Flavors Sadhu - - Genuine? Leading edge style setter?

There he was standing outside the gate at Fire Mountain Ashram with the big raspberry bag stretched between him and his little assistant. He looked a lot like a nomadic herdsman who had just raided a clothing store, and both curiosity and red flags flew up in this mind as we approached him. Our crew had called us to the gate and explained that he was on his way to Shirdi Sai Baba, and it was customary to give him some rice and perhaps a few treats to sustain him on his spiritual journey.

Well, Jeanetta, queen of helping the needy and everyone in general, jumped into the opportunity to help a “holy man” and quickly returned with some rice and goodies for his long trip. Don’t we love her generosity!

Upon offering the sustenance, the sadhu with amused smile and somewhat impatient air, stuck his hand in the raspberry bag and pulled out a fist full of rupee notes. Oh, I see - - its modern times and rice is just peanuts now to a new age sadhu. I didn’t get to see how much loot he had in the raspberry bag. I hope it was full and he either was off to really receive an enlightening darshan from Sai Baba in style or off to Goa to have a really good time. Darn it - - I forgot to get his email. Either way, he was a good show and you see Jeanetta giving him some rupees. You will want to remember big raspberry bags if the recession gets much worse. FYI: apparently rice is not “just peanuts” cause he accepted the rice and goodies after the rupee offering was “in the bag.”

Check out the eyes of the little guy - - abused, enslaved accomplice or returning tulku? Son of renunciate or what? Hmmmmm.

India has its many moments of wonder.....

Please check him out and let me know what you think. Should we bow and say "Namaste" or as they said on The Apprentice, "You’re fired"?

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  1. Free man, stripped of most human attachment we own and live with here in the West, on a journey, still missing something he can't put a finger on, keep on looking, not realizing, he already have it.
    Who is he? Man in search!
    Nadia Marie

  2. India has many moments of wonder!