Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Dude-Wali: The Milk Lady

You would think her nose would be much longer, given she’s wearing that big heavy decorative ornament pierced through her nose. It’s about all you can see for the first few moments you meet her, followed quickly by the impact of her size and earthy grounded energies. I hope your mind has better controls than this one - - questions and visions arose first about eating. How can she get anything to past that thing? One look and it’s obvious she not starving, but what, cut things thin and kind of angle them in? Hold it up with one hand? Upside down eating? And, well, kissing? Would she or he lift the thing to advantage? Oh no, mercy, this mind imagined a rope tether through that thing- - oh stop this mind please. Just look at her, I don't think she is one of those tether to a tree women. Ok, mind under control, back to composure.

A milk cow matron should have some bovine qualities, and she does in spades. Cows, in India, have a relaxed ease and are often beautiful in their aura presence. She, we don’t know her name yet, has this massive, earthy and relaxed, creamy ease - - happy in her selfhood, and engaging with her easy smile. She's the cream on top.

Style-conscious? A milk lady style-conscious? Yes, she is - - each day wearing a beautiful sari combination of colorful flowing fabrics. But the ring thing in her nose really carries the day no matter what she wears. Ladies, check it out, - - it doesn’t matter about your hair or nails, or how you tip the scales - - the ring thing is all they’ll see. Shall I ask her where she got it and how much it costs, styles available and skin tone colors? I didn’t ask her about sizes. One size fits all, or can we super size for spectacular attraction and enforced weight loss? if you happen to be one of those out of control kisser, this device might just be "the ticket." We found out today from Swami Kamalakur that this huge style ring was common in the past as a special ornament for Maharashtra women. It is definitely attractive.

A short digression about our previous milkman who wore no ornament – just a smile to make Mona Lisa jealous and here’s why - - we read the smile wrong. He was discharged for watering down the milk and mixing buffalo milk with the more desirable cow’s milk to achieve monetary advantage. We thought he was an evolved and principled being, who fairly floated into our compound each day, with beautiful smile and lovely presence. We looked forward to our meeting each day, just to receive his cool-breeze darshan. Boy were we ever shocked to discover that he diluted the milk! Our perceived Milk Saint has feet of clay and swindling mind plastered over by the biggest smile. Sunil, not as naive as we newbies, discovered this by keeping a glass of milk on the shelf overnight to see how much water came to the top when the milk settled. Guess what?!! A lot - - almost half the glass. When confronted, he said - - oh no, never again - - ok, I won’t do that. Guess what? Again we caught him. Out the door and down the drain with that guy. We have found that it is pretty common for people to water down beverages or grains or whatever, with a filler to increase profits, and people actually expect it. Hmmm. The bottom line wins out over integrity again.

So, we asked our new lady from the very start if she diluted the milk, and of course she said “no.” We told her that we wanted the whole cow, not just half the cow. We have tested her. There is no water at the top in the morning, we got the whole cow. In addition, WOW is her milk divine. Creamy and balanced and wholesome, like her. We weren’t getting the real thing with the other guy. Never thought I’d be tasting milk like a fine wine - - savoring its nuances and rolling it around on my tongue - - eking out the variety of flavors and qualities present. Hmmm, apricot, lilac, overtones of bergamot, alfalfa and a long smooth green grass finish..... And the yogurt - - best just straight up with no kicker. Cows here are divine, you know, and it flows on through as udderly delicious.

We want to meet her cows and see her with them. The last guy, Mr. Smiley Face-Deceitful-Mind, when we went to meet him at his house, showed us his buffalo, and when we asked to see the cows he gestured “out there some where” with some Marathi Language we didn’t understand. From now on, “out there some where" ain’t good enough. We have to see “cow on the hoof.” From our experience so far with this very pleasant new milk lady, we expect a very nice family of cows with lots of social harmony and cowzie ease. But who knows - - as you can see, we are easily duped. We’ll take a peek and show you a slice of her home and cow life. Well, bottoms up - - as they say when drinking a great beverage. Things go better with Jungle Milk - - It’s the real thing.

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