Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ice Cream in the Jungle

Vanita churns out love ......

Everyone wants to be near her.

It ain't Baskin Robbins , Jungle Ice Cream - - tis soooo much better. Deprived of such luxuries for over a year, we all eagerly awaited some cool licks. Vanita (our beloved cook-and-everything person) spun that ice cream machine handle for hours to no avail - - in this heat, we never got off the launch pad.

We tried for three days to get the first successful batch, and even with the help of the baby, and bhiwani the dog and raja the puppy (see pic), it was cool soup, no dice, no ice - - - - but wait! Jeanetta figured out how to pre-cool the precious ambrosia and bingo, Vanita whipped up the tasssttieeesssst treat - -

Snicker Doodle ice cream - - a divine yummmm in the tummmm, with the enjoyment much heightened by the wait. Yeah Ice Cream Team!!

Important to the superb quality is our new milk Lady, (about whom we will write soon - - don't miss her pics - - she's a 1 of kind village milk matron) - - and her cows, which we've yet to meet, put out the creamiest milk ever to slide over your tongue. I guess Indian cows, being divine, naturally produce divine Self Idealized dairy.

This slick new ice cream making machine is the generous gift of generous Lee Schwing, who is not unfamiliar with such luxuries and the difficulty of producing them in rural India. Blessings to/for Lee!

??????., guess what's the plan for the next batch?

Well - - Jeanetta was strangely hankering for a childhood favorite - - candy cane ice cream without any expectation of evvveeerrr getting it here, when - - voila! - - hardlight loved ones showed up with the candy canes and the ice cream maker!! If that ain't a miracle!! So if candy cane ice cream can show up in the jungle, any wish can be granted - - caution. Of course we don't ever desire anything here.

To be sure, the next time you are here at Fire Mountain we will make your favorite - - bring your beloved flavor goodie - - we got the cream, we got the jungle, we got a shady garden in which to enjoy - - we got a handle for you to turn, we got the above pictured team to help..

Love in 108 flavors dewa and jeanetta

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