Thursday, September 16, 2010

Greener Than Green at Fire Mountain Retreat

Morning meditation ends - - the rain is falling again in blankets - - it stopped for 3 days - - long enough for the villagers to celebrate the coming and leaving of Gauri (an aspect of Parvati, Shiva consort/wife, goddess of fertility/harvest/abundance - - the rice crop is coming in nicely so far this year) - - they have been drumming and singing and dancing for 3 days now and our staff has not come during this time. Yesterday they took the murti of her to the river with music and drum beat and dancing and procession. The air is heavy with the oceans gift of bringing itself on shore - - the plants everywhere have jumped out of the ground - - there are crowds of plants everywhere jostling for survival-unfoldment, like pieces in a puzzle, greener than green and luxuriating in the moisture denied them during the dry time. the plants at Fire Mountain Retreat are not all wild native and some are struggling under the downpours and have to be covered with shade netting which disperses the blows of drops falling at terminal velocity from above - - the native plants are all reaching for the sky, almost noisy in their growth - - the frogs jump, the birds chirp, the crows shake off the moisture and hang out on top of the Guru chouk waiting to get the remnants of the left over dog food. Everything slows down and is more viscous, more like when scuba diving in the the ocean - - the roads are a mess of monsoon pot holes, the infrastructures are taxed and somewhat intermittent -- people stay home inside and adjust to the rains - - a time of the interior where the exterior is dampened. The rain has stopped again - - during monsoon it turns on and off like a faucet -- when outside, if a few drops fall, it means in a few seconds/minutes it will fall in sheets, so get to shelter or whip out the umbrella if you want to stay dry. Shortly we will do the morning puja with the staff (if they come) and the arati of the Guru Chouk, the grounds and the dome. Breakfast in the garden enjoying the trees plants and loving complex Spirit. Just a quick note to give a taste of life in Nimboli. love and ocean coming on shore d and j

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