Monday, September 27, 2010

Swami Buhravananda-- small body, BIG Presence

Look at him. He’s a small man, a vintage being of 70 years. But he exudes a Big Presence. What Kind? Well, a Big Presence, soft and gentle, like a soft, deep pile blanket of warmth and honesty. . Look into his eyes - - tunnels of depth beyond description with no attempt to hide or cover his internal consciousness - - open. He reaches out to touch you - - places his hand softly on your arm and includes you totally in his consciousness - - you might melt and want to be close to this soft fire - - get warm while you can. He is attended by and flanked by his devotees - - young men who are internally lit by love and devotion to his God devotion. He speaks of the Vedas and how God consciousness is a science explained by the Vedas which are accessible to all - - of how there should be nothing in the way of approach to God - - of how each and every sound and thought are a mantra of power invoking some intent, and how the Vedas are a map of correct intent. If you are like me, it might not matter so much what he says - - what matters might be the truth expression that emanates from his being. He is a devotee of Poorananda who is a devotee of Rakhadi Baba who is a devotee of Nityananda Bhagavan, making him of a cousin lineage to our lineage from Nityananda to Muktananda to our beloved guru Mark Griffin.

How wonderful he has come to Fire Mountain to sit in the garden and have tea and a lovely time with us. The tea is unusual for India - - it is black tea with lichee - - a high and sweet vibration. He is making a pilgrimage to visit the Rakhadi Baba Murti, Homa, and Temple next door, as he does on occasion. Kamalakur Swami, who lives at the Anusuya Ashram that Bhagwan Nityananda built for Rakhadi Baba, relates how Buhravananda Swami does wonderful pujas where he explains the meaning of the different parts of the puja so that everyone can understand what is being done. We, as novice puja practitioners express appreciation for this provision of understanding for the participants. Buhravananda Swami is encouraged to do a puja here at Fire Mountain, and he accedes to this request with a date set after late November some time.

His phone rings and we learn that the car has arrived to take him to his next visitation. Warmth, love and happiness from us follows him out the gate as we watch the orange robed figure disappear down the path. May he come again soon.

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