Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Goddess Visits During Yagna

Dahvee and I are doing our best here in this hot weather of 105 to 110 degrees. It is suppose to get even hotter in May, up to 120 degrees. Our visas require that we have to leave the country every six months, so we will probably leave in late May to go to the highlands of Nepal, or such. In June the monsoon season starts, and everything gets more humid, but cooler. Some people like the monsoon, some don't. We will see.

Fortunately we are in the process of having an air conditioner installed today. Dahvee has broken out in a fungal rash across his chest and back, kind of scary. We have been in communication with our new hormone doctor in Mumbai about it, and have already received one prescription for the infection. We feel glad we have that connection with a doctor who speaks English. Can you imagine, when we had our first appointment with him, he spent three hours talking to us. When was the last time you got more than an half hour in the states? And we were able to both get our Bio identical hormones here in Mumbai. Hooray!! Dahvee probably got the infection when we went swimming in the local river, which has now almost dried up. When we were swimming, we all felt like scratching ourselves, but we were so hot, that we just ignored this discomfort. Since our bodies are so hot, this fungus is having a great time. I won't scare you with photos. Hopefully we can report soon it is completely healed.

We haven't gone to many places but many amazing synchronistic events happen here in our home. The other day Dahvee, Maheshwari and I sponsored a puja with a Brahman for one of our staff who painfully wants to have a child. She and her husband have been married for eight years, and here in India not having a child is a problem. She earns about $ 2 a day, so putting on her own puja (at $ 30) would be out of her budget. I remember how painful it was for me to want a child and not be able to conceive. Fortunately for me, those times are long gone; and instead we can all pray for them.

This local Brahman, Govinda, came over and did the most elaborate Puja for them in our Dome at Fire Mountain. Here they appeal to the Goddess and Krishna for getting pregnant. So I bought a little brass figure of Krishna and a photo of Shiva, Parvati and their child Ganesh for Juanita to use in the puja and then take back to her home altar.

In the middle of the the three hour puja, we were all startled by the appearance of the most beautiful cow who broke through our fence and ran through the yard. She visited us exactly when the Brahman was doing the prayers to the Mother/Goddess. She was so elegant, holding her head up high. And then when she wanted to leave our fenced compound, she faced our newly built bamboo gate, looked closely for the weakest link, crouched down on her back legs, as if the Mother herself was bending down and gathering up her dress so she could escape thru the gate. Here in India, Krishna is associated with the Cow Goddess. You can find the most touching icons of Krishna suckling directly on the udders of cows. So, when this wondrous cow ran through our yard, we all felt so blessed by this visitation of the Goddess. We all knew this puja would be a successful prayer.

At one point in the puja, they pour ghee onto a plate, and we all look into it to see what the face of the child will be. The photo above is me seeing an image of Krishna crawling baby style, like the other little statues I had seen in the store. Juanita saw it too. We all believe a special child is to come through this couple

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