Monday, April 13, 2009


Stopped in my tracks near the top of the stairs by the arresting sight of the Meditation Dome pulsing with Light and Power – shinning and vibrating as a huge energy center – subtle spiritual nuclear energy. 

I had experienced and was awed by the power and vajra intent of the Yagna just completed for Juanita, our beloved cook and helper, and her husband who so feverently desired to have a baby and had not been successful.  Early on in the magic of the Yagna, I knew with the inner knowing that it was already successful. The preparations for the event were intense!  Jeanette’s love had organized the people and the mangos and oranges and spices and nuts and seeds and flowers and Deity and Guru pictures and flowers, and it all came together orchestrated by Govinda, the Brahman, the facilitator of the deep, very deep and intense ritual groove of calling upon the Gods and especially in this case the Goddesses of the Indian Spiritual Architecture. So carefully he laid out the flowers and seeds and nuts and fruit and oil and spices in so many different evocative symbolic representations of spirit knowledge.

There was a big crowd at this event - - only a handful, less than 10 human form beings, but what an assembly of Spirit!  There is no question in my mind of the powerful response of the Goddess to a couple who intensely desires to have a baby.  Apparently this ranks at the top of the list of Goddess priorities evidenced by rich, quick, thorough response of Spirit Presence.

Irresistible the attraction of the young couple holding the coconut aloft together, pouring the anointments on the symbolic feet of the Guru,  throwing the ghee on the flames of the fire as the Brahman Priest chanted the age old powerful invocations to the Deities.


 The though arose--- Goddess is not capable of resisting such primal desire to birth another facet of Herself.


The smoke of the fire, at first an annoyance, later became a cleansing and transformative blessing, clearing away more of the self centered importance that has held this one imprisoned for so many lifetimes.  The Flow of Spirit Power boggled my mind - - the habitual stance of observing a ceremony with the little mind continually commenting and criticizing and categorizing was washed away by this rush of Spirit Presence.

I wondered—a boy or a girl?  --as the Brahman so relaxed and familiar with the response of the Spirit chanted on and wielded the elemental instruments of wood, water, food, oil, spice, Sanskrit words and meanings, all the while directing the couple in the presentation of their desire at the feet of the Goddess – the question affirming my conviction that the game was already over, the harbor was reached, a new soul is on the way.


About the couple?  She, Juanita, a strong, well proportioned woman capable of any task and possessing a beautiful smile and a musical step - - He, a man of even and accurate flowing grace, each movement executed with just the right amount of effort and ease and pinpoint accuracy - - a lightness about his being that complemented Juanita’s corporal beauty very well. A very special soul on the way, the thought that glided by in consciousness as I saw the picture of how well this new one will be cared for and loved as a result of withholding the child long enough to create an intensity deserving of the newborns stature.


The Brahman in a matter of fact closing statement said, “it is done, no problem”, -- gesturing to the elaborate physical staging and the unseen crowd of Spirit, he further explains “this is God - - it is done.”


Sucking in as much as I can hold of the astounding power vortex pulsing from the Dome, I marvel at how blessed this one is by the magic of our couple’s desire to have a baby and the response of the Goddess to,  I imagine, her favorite request.  I am happy that the physical and spiritual architecture of the Meditation Dome holds the charge of the Blessing.  I descend down the steps with a lightness of foot.

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  1. Hi Davee and Jeannette
    It is so great to get a peak into your life in Nimboli. I especially loved your beautiful cow story. I can see how much I take for granted the comforts we live with in the states. Scorpions as household visitors? I hope you find ways to stay cool and enjoy your time in Nepal. We are heading in to a Santa Barbara intensive this week and I hope you can be on the stream. Sending blessings,